• Who is the course for?
    • Developing an understanding of how to lead effectively is how we fulfil our personal ambitions and help those around us fulfil theirs. If you’re ambitious for yourself, your team or your entire organisation, then this programme will help you get there more quickly.

      No Bullsh*t Leadership cuts to the heart of modern leadership, the life-changing, career-transforming power to make shit happen and get stuff done. Whether you manage one person, an entire business or want to empower your team to lead, this course is focused on creating the kind of everyday leaders that every organisation is crying out for.

      If you are determined to make change happen, then No Bullsh*t Leadership is the online course for you.
  • What are the learning outcomes?
    • Learning outcomes include:
      • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the ‘no bullsh*t’ approach to leadership and how to execute it.
      • Critically reflecting on a range of leadership styles and approaches.
      • Developing practical leadership skills, including how to make better decisions and navigate difficult conversations.
      • Understanding why workplace culture is so important and learning how to implement a positive one.
      • Recognising the importance of physical and mental self-care and developing tactics for ensuring you can perform at your best.
      • Defining your own leadership style wherever you are on your leadership journey.
      • Setting and delivering on ambitious objectives.
      • Taking the right actions to ensure that you are followed as a leader.
      • Developing a bias towards action and momentum.
      • A practical, no-nonsense understanding of what effective leadership is, what it isn’t and how to do it well.
      • Most important of all, learn to sniff out the bullsh*t and get stuff done.
  • When will the next course run?
    • The next No Bullsh*t Leadership course will run in October 2024.
  • How long is the course and can I complete it in my own time?
    • The course consists of eight modules which will each last up to an hour, and there will be an assignment attached to each one. The modules will be posted in two batches of four and participants can watch them in their own time. There will be deadlines for each assignment, however, to allow for feedback from course leaders Chris and Vonnie.
  • Is the course accredited?
    • Yes. No Bullsh*t Leadership is accredited by the CPD.
  • How will I access the course and supporting materials?
    • Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the course and materials via our e-learning platform.